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At The Green Dog, we’ll teach you how to get your dog on a balanced training program that fits into your lifestyle.


We can help you get your dog comfortable around buses, crowds and other dogs. Maybe you’re just looking for some basic obedience… no jumping, barking or leash pulling. Perhaps you have a new puppy and need help with housebreaking – we can help with that too!

If finding the time to train your dog is difficult, as it is with most working people, in addition to our in-home private lessons, we also offer a Board & Train program. In this program, we board your dog for two-three weeks, and he or she will come home with all the basic training done for you. When it comes time for the family vacation, don’t worry – we provide boarding services for our clients as well.


In-home Lessons 

We’ll set up a custom program tailored to the areas of training you would like to focus on. Whether it’s greeting people calmly at the door or learning how to socialize at the dog park, we can teach you the tools to train your dog. This is where we work with you on how to teach your dog basic manners. When finished with our lessons your dog will know – sit stay, down stay, heeling, loose leash walking, go to place command, and recall.  Your dog must be at least 6 months old for this training

The cost of our in-home lesson package is $895.  It consists of 5 one hour lessons.  You’ll also get a free refresher lesson to use anytime, whether is a month after your training or a year! If you are looking to do remote collar training with this program, there is an additional cost for the e-collar.

If your dog is under 6 months old and you are looking for puppy training, we offer a 3 lesson package for $375.  We will help you with a housebreaking schedule, getting your puppy socialized, help you get your puppy walking on a leash and teach a foundation of basic commands with food and positive reinforcement only.  We will be your coach throughout puppyhood so you are never alone! 

Board & Train

We take your dog into our home and give him/her personalized attention.  We do all the work for you and bring your dog home after 2 weeks.  We provide 3 follow up lessons with you so we can teach you everything you need to know to so you can pick up where we left off.  

The cost for the Board & Train program is $2295 for leashed based training and $2495 for remote collar training.  This cost includes all training equipment.

Not crazy about leaving your dog for 2 weeks and want them to come home with you every night and weekends? No problem! You can do a day training program with us.  You can drop your dog off every morning (Tues – Fri), we’ll train them all day and then you can pick up in the evening.  This program takes a little longer than the regular board and train because your dog is not living with us…about 3 weeks but you will still get the same results.  The cost of this program is $1995 for leashed based training and $2295 for remote collar training.  This cost also includes all training equipment and 3 lessons.


We offer in-home boarding services in our home.  Your dog will be in a relaxed environment and we will stick as close to his/her schedule as possible.  We will feed your dog whatever you provide and have no problem with raw diets…in fact, we encourage it.  Our goal with our boarding is to make sure your dog has a great time and is not stressed.  We will even brush up on their training while they stay with us. We take in no more than two dogs at a time, so your dog is guaranteed enough attention and playtime. This service is only for clients that have trained with us. We do not take in dogs that we have not trained! Our boarding rate is $100 a day. 


                                                           Free AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing available to all our clients!

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